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What is a Jinn?

In Arabian and Muslim mythology a Jinn is an intelligent Spirit which is ranked lower than am Angel. They are also believed to be able to take on the form of humans and animals and some say they even have the ability to possess human beings. Often mentioned in the Quran, they are said to… Continue reading What is a Jinn?

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Elementals, what are they?

Often the people at home, usually watching paranormal investigators will often come across the term Elementals. When I first started hunting Ghosts I too did not really know what they were and where they came from. So what are they? Well Elementals are believed to be the guardians of the Earth and their job is… Continue reading Elementals, what are they?

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Helen Duncan, The Last Witch In Britain

Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan was a Scottish Medium who was born on the 25th of November 1897 in Callander, Perthshire, Scotland. She is famously known as the last person to be imprisoned under the British Witchcraft Act of 1735. Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan was born in 1897 During her early life at school, Helen would often… Continue reading Helen Duncan, The Last Witch In Britain


Where can we find Fairies?

Having an open mind will really help you in your quest to find Fairies. It is widely believed that one must be connected to mother earth in order to see these magical, mythological beings. A vast quantity of people believe that Fairies only exist in England, Scotland and Ireland but this couldn't be further from… Continue reading Where can we find Fairies?


Fairies, Do they exist?

For hundreds of years mankind has pondered over the possibility that Fairies do indeed exist. Many stories have told how they are magical beings that are extremely rare to see, usually living in woodlands or back gardens, these supernatural creatures are also said to have a much darker side. Stories have told how they can… Continue reading Fairies, Do they exist?


The mysterious case of Elisa Lam

The death of Elisa Lam is possibly one of the most bizzare cases I have ever come accross. She was found inside a water tank, naked with what seemed to be no possible way inside. The only way inside the tank was via a small locked door. She was only discovered when guests, staying at… Continue reading The mysterious case of Elisa Lam

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I burned at the stake

So as a young girl my nan used to tell me that at the age of two I would often sit and talk about a past life. She spoke about how I would curse people when they did wrong to me and I how I was burned at the steak for my witchy crimes. I… Continue reading I burned at the stake

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They came out of the TV

Clarice had many an experience with the paranormal since birth, but this time in particular the encounter was quite chilling and something which she will never forget. She grew up in a small home in Monroe, Connecticut, (you may know this as the town in which the well known Paranormal Investigators, Ed (RIP) and Lorraine Warren reside).… Continue reading They came out of the TV

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The dangers of paranormal investigating

Being an investigator myself, it is all fun and games, until someone gets hurt. And believe me it does happen. When I first entered this field almost two years ago I was lucky enough to have some great mentors, they thought me how to protect myself from any negative entities but also told me how… Continue reading The dangers of paranormal investigating

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Touched by the hands of an Angel

With her parents living there for over 40 years, Lesley Hudson of Sheffield grew up in the little suburb of Birley Carr. Eventually growing up, Lesley along with her younger sister, left home to start the next chapter in their lives. Occasionally Lesley would return to the family home to visit her mother, especially when… Continue reading Touched by the hands of an Angel